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The Voice Chap is Ian Bellion

Ian has worked in broadcasting for well over 30 years. He's appeared on both sides of the microphone and camera in an enormous range of programmes and has been heard on landmark shows like “The Clothes Show”, “Countryfile” and “Tracks”. Ian narrated 35 episodes of "Mind Your Own Business" for BBC1, the Maverick TV documentary "Director's Debut" and the introductory video to the TNT annual conference. He voiced recent national TV ads for Bassetts Soft n' Chewy Multivitamins and plays the Greenleaf Hermit in the computer game “Dungeon Hero”. Ian supplied the voices of Safari Sam and Sir Cyril (Snake) for live action shows to be seen at Pontin's Holiday Centres and he’s the sponsor voice for ITV3’s Alan Titchmarsh Show. He has done oodles of narration for documentaries, corporate presentations, e-learning courses, audio books and telephone “on hold” messages. You can hear his “Happy Hour” programme on Swansbrook Radio every day - www.swansbrook.com.

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